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> Stormwater Filtration System

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Up-Flo®  Filter Fluidized Bed Filtration System 

Providing higher level of treatment, higher rate of filtration, longer life filter media and a longer maintenance cycle compared to other systems, the Up-Flo®  Filter is the most efficient, high-rate filtration available for the removal of trash, sediments, nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff.

With the industry’s only system using fluidized bed upflow technology, the Up-Flo®  Filter performs in less than 1/5 the footprint of other devices making it ideal for:

• New developments and retrofits

• Industrial and commercial facilities

• Source control

• Sediment and hydrocarbon control

• Nutrient control

• Heavy metals control

• Wetlands protection

• LEED® development projects

Stormwater enters the chamber via an inlet pipe or inlet grate and fills the chamber, as flow is directed up through the angled screen and Filter Modules (brown arrow). Gross debris and sediment settle out in the sump. Oil and floatables rise to the surface of the water. Treated water flows out of the Filter Module to the Outlet Module and into the outlet pipe (blue arrow). Excess flows are discharged to the outlet using a Siphonic Bypass, which also acts as a floatables baffle preventing the escape of oil and floatable trash. To guard against pollutant leaching and filter media degradation between storm events, water drains out of the chamber through the filtered Drain Down Port as the storm subsides.

• Higher flow capacity resulting in smaller systems – less than 1/5 the footprint of other filtration devices

• NJDEP approved

• Available in manhole, vault and retrofit configurations

- 1 Ring Standard Manhole: upstream source control small drainage sites

- 2 or 3 Ring Vault: larger catchments

- Up-Flo Retro: retrofit applications for small or irregular catch basins

• Includes 4mm pre-screening

• Choice of long life filter media to accommodate site specific pollutant removal objectives:

- Hydro Filter Sand: TSS, Particle-bound Nutrients, Metals and Bacteria

- Perlite: TSS and associated pollutants, Oils and Grease

- CPZTM Mix: TSS and associated pollutants, Nutrients, Bacteria, Metals and Organics

- CPSTM Mix: The cold climate alternative to our CPZTM Mix

• Media Packs are manually replaced – no specialized heavy lifting equipment is needed

• Patented drain down prevents media degradation

• Easy installation

• Simple maintenance cycle with easy access to the sump and replaceable Media Packs

• Vactor truck is used to remove sediment and debris from the sump