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Hydreka is a manufacturer of flowmeters and dataloggers for closed pipe or open channels used in water and wastewater applications. Innovation, simplicity and customer service are at the centre of the company's approach.

SonicSens Ultrasonic Level Sensor 

With standalone recorder and independent ultrasonic probe, measures level and flow rate for water treatment installations, surface water or drinking water.

• Ultrasonic probe features temperature compensation, measured value precision of ± 0.25% of full scale, measurement resolution of 1 mm

• Accuracy in air: +/- 0,25% of full scale

• Local, GSM/SMS and GPRS Communication

• Can be used on sites with no electricity supply – rated IP68 and operates for 5 years on lithium batteries

• Interfaced with TOPKAPI supervisor software

• Standard height/flow conversions available with Winfluid software