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> Vortex Flow Control

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Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Flow Control

Using vortex motion to accurately control and attenuate stormwater flow, the self-activating Reg-U-Flo® provides superior hydraulic performance without the need for moving parts or external power requirements.

From 50.8 mm to over 3.1 m in size, the Reg-U-Flo® is ideal when used for urban inlet control to reduce runoff volumes, outlet flow controls to subsurface storage and infiltration systems, and outlet flow controls for structural flood control schemes such as dams.

• Can be used to minimize storage volumes or ensure efficient use of the system profile

• Reduced chance of blockages

• Reduces runoff detention volumes by up to 30%

• A retrofit solution in Runoff Volume Reduction schemes where detention/retention ponds are retrofitted to capture more site runoff

• Green Infrastructure schemes such as "Blue Roof" stormwater detention schemes

• Choice of controls available to suit various applications and design constraints

• Flow balancing for WWTPs

Flow enters the volute tangentially through the inlet. Under low flow conditions, the Reg-U-Flo® acts as a large orifice and water passes directly from the inlet to the outlet as shown in the Free Flow graphic below. As flow increases and reaches the flush flow point, high peripheral velocities start throttling action. As head increases, the valve approaches the kickback point and an air-filled core starts to form in the volute. As head continues to increase, the air core fully stabilizes and the valve discharge is throttled to that of a smaller orifice.

• When used as an outlet flow control, reduces storage requirements by up to 30%

• When used for runoff volume reduction and green infrastructure schemes, controls more flow than an equivalent orifice for greater on-site detention/retention capacities

• Up to 50% savings in project costs

• Self-activating with no moving parts or power requirements

• Area of opening is 3-6 times larger than the equivalent orifice

• Virtually maintenance free

• Performance proven with 17,000 installations worldwide

• Maintenance is site-dependent on nature of the influent and physical characteristics of the control chamber; contact ACG Technology to ensure the most suitable unit is considered for specific site conditions

• Reg-U-Flo Flow Control cross-sectional area is typically four times that of an orifice, resulting in minimal likelihood of a blockage

• Smaller storage tank can be used with typical volume reductions ranging from 5 – 30%

Optional Accessories:

- Pivoting Bypass Door for maintenance to the outlet pipe

- Adjustable Inlet adjusts design flow after installation

- Vortex suppressor pipe eliminates air core for emergency bypass

Three series of Reg-U-Flo Flow Controls are available to suit most applications
and design limitations: