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ACG Technology's signature equipment includes package treatment systems, coalescing oil/water separators (coalescers) and physical/chemical industrial wastewater treatment systems. 

ACG Technology Batch Wastewater Treatment System 

An economical alternative for treatment of smaller or intermittent flows, the Batch Waste Treatment System consists of preassembled skid-mounted modules that virtually eliminate installation problems and cut installation costs to zero.

• Effluent is collected in the treatment/ settling tank and, once cycle is initiated, is treated automatically

• Sludge dewatering is done with filter press or bag filters

• Applications include metal precipitation, chrome reduction, cyanide reduction, and phosphate removal

System includes:

Fiberglass treatment/settling tank

Control panel complete with pH meters and switches (as required)

• Automatic chemical metering pumps 

Transfer pumps and bag filters (as required)